Closet Rehab

In a comforting and calming environment, where YOU have final say on everything, we'll spend a day pulling everything out of your closet and drawers. Together, we'll evaluate each piece for fit, consistency with current style goals and physical condition. Everything that goes back into your closet will be your dream wardrobe. We may identify a few "wardrobe gaps" (missing key pieces); we'll make a list. When everything goes back into your closet and drawers, it will be done based on the "Marie Kondo organization method" (Japanese organization guru) and I'll teach you all her simple tips and tricks for keeping your wardrobe organized and under control forever!

We’ll discuss what you feel the best in? What are your favourite outfits and for what reasons? We’ll sit together and start to create a Pinterest board just for you — its so much easier for me to see where you want to go through images. The process will be completely collaborative and authentic. 

Base fee is C$125/hour to a max of C$500 per person, per say (I often due this work for couples). 

Below are some images from my own wardrobe (and my husband's socks...LOL), to give you an idea of what your closet(s) can look like. I can promise, when its all said and done, you'll feel tired, but lighter... And when you open your closet doors the next day, you'll smile, because you know where everything is and that your love every single thing you see!! 

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