Our Favourite Things!

In the future, we hope to be able to offer you the opportunity to purchase many, if not all, of our favourite garment, leather and footwear care products here at our online store, but in the meantime, we wanted to share our favourites with you!

Conair CLS2 Rechargeable Cord and Cordless Fabric Defuzzer

We love this gentle, yet highly effective and fast defuzzer. 

      Lincoln E-Z Leather Footwear Cleaner
  • Rechargeable, with removable cord.
  • Large lint collection bin, so you can defuzz a whole sweater without having to stop and empty the bin.
  • And, best of all, the blade cover comes with an additional twist on protector, which add just a tad more separation from the defuzzer and fabric to prevent snagging and accidental holes in the fabric.
  • Tip: If you notice the buzz sound weakening, and you know the battery is fully charged, simply empty the fuzz bin and clear out behind the blades, and you should be good to go for another sweater!
  • WHERE CAN I BUY THIS? Amazon.ca / Walmart / Linen Chest...

Lincoln E-Z Leather Footwear Cleaner 

E-Z Cleaner is the Original E-Z Cleaner. It is ideal as an "all purpose," non-solvent cleaner for suede, leather, fabric, and like materials. E-Z Cleaner is strong enough to remove grease marks from suede, and salt stains from leather. Use it like a suede shampoo. Make a foam using a sponge to easily remove dirt from shoes and other leather articles.

  • Lotion which safely cleans fine leather goods.Helps increase the life of leather goods| including suede| nubuck| vinyls and fabrics.Easily removes grease marks from suede and salt stains from leather
  • Lubricates leather fibers to keep them from getting brittle
  • Maintains suppleness and strength of original leather
  • WHERE CAN I BUY THIS? Amazon.ca, Walmart or any great cobbler.