Private Shopping at Our Studio

  • Since many of our clients are located in Toronto and elsewhere in Ontario, we offer private shopping at our downtown studio, by appointment only. See "Info" in header of page for detail on how to make an appointment, hours of operation and location.
  • Clients LOVE it! Your own personal store... carefully curated just for you, with all your sizes, all your favourite colours and anything on your wishlist -- its a woman's dream!
  • Before you visit, I'll send you a very bried survery from "Survey Monkey", to get all your sizes, skin tone, hair colour, height, profession and all your preferences and dislikes (e.g., I never wear dresses or skirts and I really dont' like v-neck anything). Your anwers will allow me to create your peronal store.
  • Brings your friends and/or family! Most shoppers love to bring 2-3 woman along with them (it they'd like to shop as well, I'll need to e-mail them surveys as well). You can take as much time as you need, beverages and snacks provided (wine or champagne provided, for cost of alcohol) and you'll have so much fun!
  • Looking forward to seeing you soon!